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Yoga & Breathwork for Better Sleep

Yoga & Breathwork for Better Sleep


Yoga & Breathwork for Better Sleep, Relax, unwind and drift off for a calming night’s sleep.

Course Description

In need of some rest and relaxation? Build healthy sleep habits and drift off sooner with this sleep-focused course.

We all know that sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health, but very few know how important it really is. Not getting enough sleep may cause problems with learning, reacting, and focusing, making it difficult to make decisions, control your emotions, solve problems, or cope with change, and according to the American Psychology Association, sleeping 60 to 90 minutes more per night can make you happier and healthier. Who doesn’t want that?!

If you’d like to improve your sleep and your overall wellbeing, this course is for you.

The course includes:

– A guided workbook to help you identify a sleep routine that really works for you

– A pre-bedtime yoga class to help your body and mind to relax and unwind

– Breathwork and meditation techniques to use in bed to help you get to sleep

– Support from lead teacher Alice via the Q&A box

The yoga class is designed at an open level, meaning that they can be done by complete beginners through to more experienced yoga practitioners. Different options are provided for easier or more challenging postures in the class, depending on your experience level and your own personal body.