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Watercolor Portrait in Cellulose Paper

Watercolor Portrait in Cellulose Paper


Watercolor Portrait in Cellulose Paper, Work around the limitations of cellulose painter in watercolor portrait painting.

What you will learn

Learn how to paint a portrait using cellulose paper in watercolor.

How to block-in a drawing portrait drawing.

How to fine tune proportions and measurements.

How to mix skin tones in watercolor.

Insights on how to visualize volume and form.

Understand the main differences of cellulose and cotton watercolor paper.

Problem-solve issues that arise with cellulose watercolor paper.


Basic understanding of watercolor and drawing would be helpful

List of supplies required to paint in watercolor.


Portrait painting is one of the most difficult subjects in fine arts. This course is designed to guide you through the process of painting a portrait in watercolor using cellulose paper. From the foundations of proportions in the drawing, understanding the volume (illusion of form) and selection of details, this course provides a solid foundation for your watercolor portraits. In addition, the course aims to provide tips and tricks to deal with the specifics of watercolor cellulose paper and watercolor materials for a great portrait painting.

Who is this course for?

This course for watercolorist painters struggling to get going with cellulose watercolor paper.

Foundations in this course apply to most painting and drawing media but the focus of the practical videos are watercolor in cellulose paper.

Experience with watercolor is desirable but not mandatory.


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