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Trader Tom’s Forex Starter Kit

Trader Tom’s Forex Starter Kit


Trader Tom’s Forex Starter Kit, How to Start Forex Trading even if you have a full time job.

Welcome to my forex training course.

My goal of this training is to introduce you to the world of forex and at the end you will be familiar with the trading platform, placing orders, and popular strategies that you can apply and start trading.

You will learn what you need to be aware of before you even make your first deposit of real money into your broker.

It’s important to have this knowledge before you start putting your money into a forex account.

Forex offers a potential to make some extra money but if you enter a position too large or fail to safeguard your trades you place yourself at a high risk.

However, you are here, and ready to learn. So I hope to overcome these by revealing to you the ins and outs of forex.

I’ve divided my training into 2 sections.

In the first section you will learn the “theory” of forex trading.

  • I will introduce you to the main concepts, and the main platform for trading.
  • You’ll learn about the types of forex trades
  • How to calculate your position size
  • How to safeguard yourself from blowing your account in the first few trades.
  • And I’ll show you an effective technique for entering forex positions.

In section 2 you’ll learn the practical side of forex trading.

  • The main focus will be on technical analysis of your charts.
  • I’ll introduce you to the different types of indicators and when they are most effective.
  • I’ll share with you strategies that have withstood the test of time and are commonly found in the traders toolbox for trading.

My course will teach you a lot about trading in general so you can even apply this knowledge to stock and crypt trading.

After completing the lessons you will be equipped with the right expertise to start trading.

Join today and let’s start exploring the world of forex!


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