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Thinkific – How to Plan, Design and Create an Online Course

Thinkific – How to Plan, Design and Create an Online Course


Thinkific – How to Plan, Design and Create an Online Course, How to Set-Up an Online School and Learn all of the Essential Steps to Plan, Design and Sell Your Courses to the World.

Hello, and welcome to my course on ‘How to Plan, Design and Create an Online Course with Thinkific’. My name is Romney Nelson, and I look forward to sharing all my knowledge and expertise to create this course with easy-to-follow lessons, resources and all the important steps to get you started.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

As a top instructor with several Best-Selling courses, I will provide all the steps and techniques to create, upload, design and host all your courses.

Suited to individuals who are looking to become a Key Person of Influence in their chosen area of expertise or for businesses looking at the development of courses and training for their teams, this course provides everything you need to get started.

How can this course help you?

Using the same structure and techniques I use for my Best-Selling courses, you will be able to easily follow along so you can plan, record, upload and sell your courses across the globe.

This is a sample of some of the topics you will learn:

· Why Choose Thinkific as the platform to host your courses?

· Why should you create an online course for personal and business purposes?

· My journey and income using Thinkific over 12 months

· Planning and structuring your online course

· Recording your content and equipment required

· Uploading Your Videos, Adding Descriptions, Resources and Course Thumbnail

· Course settings and links

· Course design and images using Canva

· How to build your audience

Go ahead and click the enroll button now, and I will see you in lesson 1!

Kind Regards,