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The Phonetic Alphabet Simplified

The Phonetic Alphabet Simplified


The Phonetic Alphabet Simplified, Learning the Phonetic Alphabet Made Easy.

This free course has been developed to help people of all ages who wish to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet, as part of their applied communication. Before any person uses a Radio to broadcast their intentions on, as part of their daily duties, they need to first be 100% familiar with the Phonetic Alphabet. This is so as to ensure that any message broadcast on frequency is clearly understood by all parties listening out, and the possibility of confusion or ambiguity can be ruled out. In turn, this then leads to a safe. the working environment on frequency. In this presentation the user has the opportunity to interact with the application, in other words, they can pause the presentation at any stage to review the picture/s and map it with the corresponding letter. The application of the Phonetic Alphabet is used by the professionals that work in the following disciplines: (Please note that this list is not exhaustive)

Aviation / Marine / Firefighting / Police / Military / Agriculture / Search and Rescue / Base Operations / Security; etc.

Please take note that in addition to the application of the Phonetic Alphabet on a radio frequency for communication purposes, between parties, it is also used in commercial businesses such as banks and retailers for example when passing important information, via a telephone, comprising of letters that need to be well understood by the receiving party.

When you are ready please feel free to join this course, and learn firsthand how easy it is to apply the Phonetic Alphabet in your workplace.