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The Comprehensive Course in Construction Project Management

The Comprehensive Course in Construction Project Management


The Comprehensive Course in Construction Project Management, This course is ideal for developing your understanding and skills in professionally managing all construction projects.

Construction Project Management introduces you to project initiation and planning. This professional course will provide an overview of the construction industry and all related topics that you need to be a qualified project manager.

Engineer Abdulkareem teaches the fundamentals of the construction project cycle from the initiation phase till the closure of the project phase. The course discusses the importance of project planning and scheduling and an opportunity to develop a work breakdown structure. This course is designed to expand your practical side of engineering knowledge. This course concentrates on the practical side of the construction field.

You will see samples of different contract documents, and you will know the types of these documents and their importance. The course will discuss other important topics, such as how to find the critical path method “CPM”, complete knowledge of quality assurance and quality control, and much more, which is essential for all construction projects.

Gain confidence when dealing with stakeholders of major projects by learning to identify and manage those that are involved in the project planning and delivery, and will enable you to explore construction projects governance in theory and practice. You will Learn how to manage successfully the project budget and deliver the project on time.

This course is designed for anyone involved in project management and interested in developing their management capabilities and knowledge about quality, risk, and safety management.


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