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Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking


Strategic Thinking, How to Develop Winning Strategies.

The ability to think strategically is required of anyone in a leadership position, as the capacity to develop a motivating vision depends on going beyond everyday thinking. Thinking strategically involves ‘seeing the big picture’ and being able to envisage a vision of what is to be achieved and how. Without such a vision, there is no clarity about where to go or what to do.

This course explores what is involved in thinking strategically. It emphasizes the importance of developing a strategic vision and provides helpful guidance on how to do so. It also provides a discussion of a number of pitfalls to avoid if you are to be successful in developing your strategic thinking.

Many people struggle to achieve a strategic level of thinking as they too easily get bogged down in the details of any given situation. Details are important, but they need to be understood as part of an overall strategy – a plan for achieving the vision.

Dr Neil Thompson has many years’ experience of helping managers and other professionals not only to appreciate the importance of strategic thinking, but also to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to take the necessary steps to take their thinking to a strategic level.