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Snowflake – Build & Architect Data pipelines using AWS

Snowflake – Build & Architect Data pipelines using AWS


Snowflake – Build & Architect Data pipelines using AWS, Data engineering and architecting pipelines using snowflake & AWS cloud.

Snowflake is the next big thing and it is becoming a full blown data eco-system . With the level of scalability & efficiency in handling massive volumes of data and also with a number of new concepts in it ,this is the right time to wrap your head around Snowflake and have it in your toolkit . This course not only covers the core features of Snowflake but also teaches you how to deploy python/pyspark jobs in AWS Glue and Airflow that communicate with Snowflake , which is one of the most important aspects of building pipelines .


Anyone who has a basic understanding of cloud and belong to one of the below backgrounds can benefit from this course :

– Data Scientists / Analysts

– Data Engineers / Software Developers

– SQL Programmers or DBA’s

– Aspiring Data analysts and scientists who are learning SQL and Python

This Course covers : 

  • What is Snowflake
  • Most Crucial Aspects of Snowflake in a very practical manner
  • Writing Python/Spark Jobs in AWS Glue Jobs for data transformation
  • Real Time Streaming using Kafka and Snowflake
  • Interacting with External Functions & use cases
  • Security Features in Snowflake

Prerequisites for this course are : 

  • Knowing SQL or at least some prior knowledge in writing queries
  • Scripting in Python (or any language )
  • Willingness to explore ,learn and put in the extra effort to succeed
  • An active AWS Account & know-how of basic cloud fundamentals

Important Note –  You need to have an active AWS Account in order to perform the sections related to Python and PySpark . For the rest of the course , a free trial snowflake account should suffice .

Some Tips : 

  • Try to watch the videos at 1.2X speed
  • Read the reference links and the official documentation of Snowflake as much as possible


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