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PyCharm IDE Crash Course

PyCharm IDE Crash Course

PyCharm IDE Crash Course, Learn how to play around PyCharm to run Python projects and libraries.

Course Description

PyCharm is a Python IDE that provides smart code completion, code inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting, and quick fixes. It has two versions, Professional and Community. The PyCharm Community version is free and open-source. In this tutorial, we will work around the free and open-source PyCharm Community version.

This PyCharm Tutorial is for students, engineers, and professionals. Beginning with the introduction, you will learn how to set the environment for PyCharm and start working with it to create new projects and run Python programs. We have also shown how to work around 6 Python libraries on PyCharm.  Step-by-step lessons are provided covering topics, which will help you in preparing basic to advanced-level Python programming on PyCharm.

** Lessons **

Course Intro

PyCharm Introduction

Intall PyCharm on Windows

Install PyCharm on Mac

Install PyCharm on Linux

Configure Python Interpreter on PyCarm

Setup Numpy on PyCharm

Setup Pandas on PyCharm

Setup Matplotlib on PyCharm

Setup Seaborn on PyCharm

Setup SciPy on PyCharm

Setup PyGame on PyCharm

Set Dark Theme on PyCharm

Change fonts on PyCharm

Rename a project on PyCharm

Increase the font size of the editor

Update any Python library on PyCharm

How to uninstall a library on PyCharm IDE

Update PyCharm on Windows

***Python Version***

We have covered Python 3 and all the examples are being implemented on PyCharm,  a free and open-source Python IDE.

Let’s start the journey!