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Producing “High Quality” Products for Founders and Startups

Producing “High Quality” Products for Founders and Startups


Producing “High Quality” Products for Founders and Startups, TheSigmaSuite® is a simple framework to save founders tens of thousands of pounds during concept-commercialization.

Are you a founder of a new physical product?
Do you know what lies ahead?

We know what lies ahead, and it’s normally pretty hairy – so we’re here to offer you the opportunity of professionally-led prevention.

Should you meet our pre-defined criteria, it would be unlikely that we cannot save you tens of thousands during the concept-commercialization processes.

That’s just why we have spent years designing a standardized approach.

Our framework is a secure and robust pathway for you to follow, based on many years of experience in product production, common patterns of real-life mistakes among founders, and of course, its foundation is in Lean Six Sigma (fear not: our framework is simple to follow and implement).

Based on experience, we know our framework saves the average start-up tens of thousands of pounds IF you meet the following conditions:

  • Your product takes a physical form
  • Your product encapsulates some form of end-user functionality (therefore disqualifying products like candles and/or food production)
  • Your product AND business are both NEW
  • Your internal skillset is limited (as in most startups)
  • You are the designer OR are outsourcing the design to a product designer
  • Your product mix is of high (customer) demand and low (product) variation
  • You personally acknowledge the value in professionally-led prevention
  • Startups can access know-how and expertise through our framework; magic that would otherwise only be available by hiring a range of costly skillsets.
  • Getting off on the right footing is so unbelievably important at this stage. Prevention is cheap and cheerful; cures can be crippling in every respect.