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Mind Alchemy


Mind Alchemy, The most fun & easy meditations to Manifest goals.

Mind Alchemy works on principles of yogic science, Silva method and hypnotherapy to re-wire your mind, remove limiting beliefs and create a limitless life. The mind tools are easy and fun way that will help you build a practice of meditation. The usual side effects are, Improved health, Improved mental power, better relationships, more synchronicities, more confidence, joy and empowerment. The mind tools work at the Alpha level of mind, where your subconscious can be taught to make better decisions and better life changing chatter.

Changes you will notice –

1. Better health

2. Confidence

3. Improved sleep

4. Reduced stress & Anxiety

5. Clarity of your life vision

6. A solid meditation practice

7. Better relationships

8. Abundance in all areas of your life

9. Better work productivity

10. Have fun while meditating

The best way to maneuver the course is habit stack it over your morning or evening ritual. For eg. if you workout in the morning, stack it on top of that and commit to practicing right after your workout.

The resource section have the meditation clips only, without the description, so that you can jump right into practice and save time each day.

Enjoy the course, have fun with it, repeat it, pick one meditation you like. Leave your feedback and your breakthroughs, so I can stay connected with you through this journey.

Love to you all and remember “Whatever you can imagine is real! “