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Mechanical Systems of Engineering

Mechanical Systems of Engineering


Mechanical Systems of Engineering, Basics of Mechanical Engineering / Elements of Mechanical Engineering / Basics of Mechanical Engineering.

unit-I : Energy Sources and Conversion-Part-II

In the Part-I of first unit Energy and energy conversion  we have seen what is  energy source ,types of energy sources and their useful conversion.

In this part we have seen Convention source of energy such as Thermal Power plant, Nuclear power plant. Also we have studied renewable source of energy i.e. Solar Energy.

In this part -2 we will study remaining part of renewable energy sources such as wind, tidal, geothermal , biomass and Fuel cells. Importance of these renewable sources and their types, conversions into useful forms of energy, their applications, cons and pros etc.

After study of these sources of energy, we will be able to know the Energy types, their importance and need of future alternate source of energy to conventional source as they are going to deplete in near future.

Wind energy useful for power generation, irrigation etc.

Tidal energy useful for power generation

Geothermal heat energy conversion into electricity

Biomass energy preparation and then conversion  into useful form. particularly beneficial to village areas, remote areas etc

Fuel cells energy conversion from chemical energy to electrical or other useful form etc

This course is useful for the first year engineering students to get idea about the energy forms, types, their way of conversions. Applications, advantages and disadvantages,