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Marriage in Islam : How to find your soulmate

Marriage in Islam : How to find your soulmate

Marriage in Islam: How to find your soulmate, FIND Your Soulmate!

Course Description

As-salamunalaikum es rahmatullah!

Nowadays, marriage rates are going down and divorce rates are increasing. Those who married find themselves in unhappy marriages. People are suffering in their marriages

Many of them married with good intentions. We can see this fact regardless of faith and culture worldwide

But Why is that so?

People who are in unhappy marriages realize that marrying someone blindly is not the right way!

I say: good intentions alone won’t give you good results!

In this course, I will teach you some ideas to increase your chances of finding yourself in a happy marriage.

The more knowledge you gain about marriage, the better your chances to find yourself in a happy marriage

Before you invest in matrimonial websites.

Invest in this course, and invest in your marriage!

We are here in this world to learn and grow right? Let’s do this together! Allah SWT says in the Quran that he intends in a marriage: tranquility, friendship, and mercy between spouses.

Therefore you need to work for, but how?

The more you realize the reality and importance of preparing yourself before marriage the better for yourself.

Don’t forget marrying someone won’t magically fix your issues you have to work on yourself first!


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