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M&A for Investors


M&A for Investors, How to buy a business (company)

If you are interested to study M&A  – we believe this is the right moment for that. Covid-19, the Big Resignation, war in Ukraine, changes in supply-chains at the global level and price adjustments…although we all might hate them individually, these are all great triggers for the next wave of mergers and acquisitions for the years that are coming. That’s why we believe M&A as a topic is going to become the core corporate or business strategy topic for all types of decision makers – either Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Executives, Investors, or many other curious people.

As you can imagine – M&A, or buying a Company is a complex task – to find a right target, manage the process and a seller’s expectations properly, to evaluate a company and try not to over-pay for it, think how to finance a deal and secure sources, integrate the target within your eco-system and / or make a successful exit after a few years.

In this course, we are going to focus on explaining M&A process from the standpoint of an investor, focusing on initial planning and preparations, screening market and submitting a winning NBO, executing Due Diligence, negotiating different elements of SPA (meaning not just pricing), and finally closing the deal.

Additionally, you will find a two valuation examples as well.