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Laravel Pro Tips

Laravel Pro Tips


Laravel Pro Tips, Learn Laravel to Be Like a Professional.

Why Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a web app development framework with expressive and elegant syntax that makes the entire web development process faster, easier, and enjoyable for developers by eliminating all the pain points associated with handling complex PHP code.

Laravel Framework is one of the Leading and Top-rated frameworks in the Opensource market. The amazing thing about the Laravel framework is, its developer community is a very active contributor, and the framework adopts/includes current market needs trends.

What’s in this course?

Laravel Pro Tips course is a series of professional tips which will help you to deep dive inside Laravel framework features.

In this course, we will cover

  • Installation by Composer
  • Database connections tips
  • Database Read/Write connection separation and its uses
  • Global Helper Functions and usage in Application
  • How to create Trait in Laravel and Code reusability
  • Global Config variables and their usages
  • Custom Validations Rules to Validate HTTP/Form Requests
  • Understand Middleware life cycle and Create custom middleware
  • Understand How throttle limits the requests, how it stores hits in cache
  • How to use Predefine Throttle /Limiter
  • How to Create Custom throttle
  • How to Debug Laravel Query
  • How to install the Debugbar package and how to use it
  • Cache any Page/Database records
  • and many more…

Why this course is for you?

Mostly All these tips are unnoticed by individuals. so being a professional industry person, I worked on a very dynamic and large-scale project, So I am sure these tips will help you learn more deep inside.

The course is Free?

This course is 100% free for all, the purpose of this course is to share my practical experience with you, to learn and do more in less time.