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Intermediate English Grammar

Intermediate English Grammar


Intermediate English Grammar, Learn to speak English well.

Speak English with the right grammar.

I know now your gonna say How

as all of you know we should use the right grammar in correct situations so you wanna learn this grammar for free you are in a right place.  You can learn present perfect, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous with idioms and phrasal verbs.

so stay with me and speak English as well as you can.

If you start from now step by step improve yourself and stay strong to improve your English skills so  I’m here to teach you grammar, speaking, and how we should understand the English language or radio and movies.

finally, if you like my courses and my classes please support me and comment on your ideas I’m gonna answer to them.

say your ideas about grammar and the way that I teach if I have problems when you say it I’m gonna work on problems.

In this course, I’m gonna teach the usage of present perfect and past perfect, I’m gonna say what is the difference between them. How we can use Past perfect continuous and all of them and everything for everyone is free.  I teach for free because I think I can give this opportunity to some people Maybe they don’t have enough money to pay for some courses.