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Human Resources Management: Strategy And Starter Pack

Human Resources Management: Strategy And Starter Pack


Human Resources Management: Strategy And Starter Pack, Manage employees for success in a small/medium size business by utilising this strategy, and these templates.

This course offers a strategy and structure for managing staff in a way that protects the company from damage, all while helping the staff thrive.

The strategy is broken down into a HIRING PROCESS and a MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.

The HIRING PROCESS starts at recruitment, through to interviewing onto onboarding and the probation period.

The MANAGEMENT PROGRAM covers employee engagement and ongoing employee feedback.

The course is ideal for 3 types of people:

  1. Anyone who is starting a business from scratch and is looking for guidance on how to find and manage people.
  2. Anyone who is operating in a small/medium size business or department within a business and is looking for a strategy to get their people to a “better place”.
  3. Managers who are drowning, for whatever reason, in any people related problems.

The “mantras” of this course are:

  • “Make informed hiring decisions”
  • “Reduce risk of poor hires”
  • “Eliminate employee stagnation from the business”
  • “Ensure only quality employees in the business”
  • “Facilitate organic and authentic company growth”

The expected outcomes from the course include:

  • Start up business owners/managers get their freedom back as they finally have a team they can trust.
  • Hiring managers pass on accountability to the people they have hired, and no longer feel responsible to the rest of the team when one of their hires “messes up”.
  • Managers have a reputable hiring and managing process to follow with easy-to-use templates.
  • All employees in the business are bringing constant and consistent value.