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How To Cope With Stress

How To Cope With Stress


How To Cope With Stress, Methods To Deal With Stress.

In this course, you will learn to manage and reduce stress.

This course will give you great knowledge on the Psychology of ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety disorders’ after which you will know how to self-manage these and what advice you can give to others related to coping with stress and anxieties.

Chronic stress not only impairs our brain functions whilst we are stressed, but more importantly, it does lasting damage to our brain, as it kills brain cells in our hippocampus. this means that, even if we’re not stressed anymore, the damage will still be there.

Here in this course, you will learn how to effectively manage your own stress and anxiety and as a result help others around you. In this course, you will learn for example such important topics as ‘Generalized Anxiety Disorder’, ‘Social Anxiety Disorder’, ‘Burnout’, and ‘Panic Disorder’ amongst others.

You will also find out what types of therapy and which techniques are considered to be the best in therapeutic practice today, what kind of medications are typically prescribed for ‘anxiety disorders’, and how quickly to reduce the state of ‘panic’ or ‘anxiety’ through various breathing techniques.

But it doesn’t end here. you are highly encouraged to leave your own ideas and examples for each of the strategies, so that this course, just like the workshops I lead, becomes a co-creation where you help define the final outcome of the course.