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Getting Juniper Images for EVE-NG and GNS3

Getting Juniper Images for EVE-NG and GNS3


Getting Juniper Images for EVE-NG and GNS3, Pass your Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS, and JNCIP with Labbing.

Getting official Juniper images for labbing for Juniper Certification has always been a problem.

In this free course, I will show you how to obtain free Juniper images and install them on EVE-NG and GNS3.

We will look at the Juniper vMX router, the Juniper vQFX data center Switch, and the Juniper vSRX Firewall which is fantastic for labbing as it can do routing and switching – I will show you how to get the vSRX inro packet mode for this usage.

I have found that these images are great not just for labbing for Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS, and the JNCIP but can also be used in the work environment for testing new configurations and rollouts.

For EVE-NG there is some SSH involved and for GNS3 the installation is really straightforward.

some of these images use a lot of resources, for example, the standard vSRX uses four gigabytes of memory and three CPU, and in the case of the juniper vMX and vQFX images they are dual nodes, and each node required its own resource.

Depending on your hardware I would recommend at least 4 CPSs with hyperthreading and at least 16 gigabytes of memory to run the Juniper images ok.