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Foundations of Contracts and Outsourcing

Foundations of Contracts and Outsourcing


Foundations of Contracts and Outsourcing, Contract Management, Outsourcing, and Supplier Relationships Explained by Psychology and Economics.

This course equally suits newcomers to the profession and highly-skilled experts who need to develop core competencies in contract management, outsourcing, and vendor relationships.

It’s not yet about drafting, authoring, or negotiating contracts.

It provides compulsory basic knowledge of ground economic and psychological theories that explain how buyers and sellers manage relationships to achieve economies of scale and streamline business processes.

Our course explains the benefits of outsourcing as a blend of decision-making, heuristics, incomplete contracts, relationships, and trust. We will wear our BPO vendor’s shoes to understand their business objectives and risk-mitigation techniques incorporated into different types of contracts.

We will leverage Behavioral Economics – an elegant synthesis of psychological, cognitive, emotional, and cultural aspects that explain the human side of service delivery. It applies to procurement, vendor management, and outsourcing business.

With the help of Rational Choice Theory, Bounded Rationality, Transactional Cost Theory, Agency Theory, and Incomplete Contracts, this course will tell you a story of business needs, relational norms, and mutual dependence in the modern world of opportunism and irrationality.

Our lectures suggest actionable ways to reach a constructive and proactive commitment between economic actors.

We will promote back-office functions as creators of business value and relationship capital.



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