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Effective Time Management For Professionals

Effective Time Management For Professionals


Effective Time Management For Professionals, Time management / Develop the habits of success.

Time management is one of the important soft skills which people need to improve their life by developing the habits of success because a lot of people feel that there is not enough time to do all tasks in this world so the course has many ways to improve their life ( the four Ds of effectiveness to achieve maximum effectiveness the truth of eating frog when we see the most important task as a frog which we must start our day by eating it / program your mind by visualizing yourself as you want to be )

– How to set clear priorities by using the Pareto principle and the law of three (how do you determine your big three tasks by making a list of all your work tasks and responsibilities from the first day of the month to the last day and through the year

– Classification of tasks ( important VS urgent ) by making a table of four  columns

– Make written plans by learning tips and techniques that will help to progress towards being efficient, effective, and productive

– Thinking on paper ( seven steps )

– Create the daily to-do list before everyday

– Create a not-to-do list ( not important tasks )

– Using the ABCD method to the classification of tasks

– Optimise the time by the principle of legation by legate some tasks to others and organizing the workspace

– Overcome procrastination by developing the habits of success

– Summary of the important points which we talking about in the course


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