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Education: Transformative Teaching

Education: Transformative Teaching


Education: Transformative Teaching, Understanding Student Needs.

This course is for teachers and advanced students who want to learn to be effective teachers and persuasive communicators. Most of the insights about human identity and its connections to learning come fro Mark Bracher’s book Radical Pedagogy. Bracher is a renowned theorist and practitioner of radical and critical pedagogy and his work has informed the understanding and practice of thousands of teachers and instructors. If you go through the course materials and read his book (I highly recommend the book) you will clearly understand the following:

  • How are student identities formed?
  • What are our identity needs?
  • How is identity connected to learning?
  • What are some destructive pedagogical practices?
  • What are some good teaching practices and strategies?

Overall, this should be useful course to anyone associated with the noble profession of teaching. It would be better if you were to also read Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed along with this course, as Freire is absolutely the father figure of the field of critical pedagogy. You can find extensive lectures on Freire on my Youtube channel (Postcolonailism). I am also open to any suggestions that you might have and would incorporate them as and when I revise this course. So, please feel free to reach out to me through the course messaging system with your questions, queries, and suggestions.