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Chest X-ray Interpretation

Chest X-ray Interpretation


Chest X-ray Interpretation, Everything you need to know as a Medical Student.

Welcome to my tutorial series on chest x-ray interpretation. My name is Harry and I’m a junior doctor from the UK. I designed this course for medical students to help them pass written exams and OSCES. I also created it to give them the chest x-ray knowledge I wish I had before becoming a doctor.

In this series we will learn:

– Chest x-ray basics, including the basic physics behind how they work and also when they are useful

– Normal anatomy visible on a chest x-ray

– How to assess x-ray quality using the easy to remember pneumonic RIPE

– How to interpret chest x-rays using a structured ABCDE approach

– Common medical tubes and wires you might come across on a chest x-ray

– 10 chest x-ray cases with model answers and explanations (also available as downloads to use in your own time)

This course is aimed at all medical students (and junior doctors) no matter what stage you are at medical school. We cover chest x-rays from the very basics up until the point at which you are confident at using them to diagnose common pathologies.

If you have any questions related to chest x-rays please do ask them and I will do my best to help!

Thank you for joining the course and I hope it is useful for you.