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C# .NET Core 7 with MS SQL Complete Beginner to Master 2023

C# .NET Core 7 with MS SQL Complete Beginner to Master 2023


C# .NET Core 7 with MS SQL Complete Beginner to Master 2023, Learn API Development with C# .NET Core 7 and MS SQL Server from Mac, Linux or Windows!

This course is up to date with the latest .NET Core 7 (.NET 7), and has examples of how to handle older version of .NET Core in case you wind up working with projects built on older versions.

The whole course also only uses resources that are available to all operating systems so that you can follow along from Windows, Linux or MacOS.

(Linux and Mac Users** recently updated to include special install instructions for MS SQL Server)

Learning Paths:

There are 3 different Modular pieces of this course that can be mixed and matched to fit your learning needs, depending on what you already know and what you want to learn.

  1. C# Basics (and general programming basics)
  2. .NET Core 7 API Developement
  3. MS SQL Server and Azure SQL

If you are new to programming, or just new to C#, you can get an in depth understanding of basic programming concepts like variable types, data structures, classes and methods in our C# Basics section.

If you already know C# that’s great, you can skip over that basics section and start learning how to build powerful REST APIs with .NET Core.

If you already build REST APIs with .NET Core and just want to write cleaner code, learn how to decouple logic, or consolidate endpoints with more dynamic logic, I highly recommend starting with the SQL section, brushing up on Dapper in the Crash course section if you need to, and then checking out the advanced section of the course.

(If that sounds complicated and confusing, it won’t at all by the time you are done with the course)

This course is also set up so that the SQL section is entirely optional, although I do think it is very useful and I highly recommend it. As much as I think you would benefit from learning SQL along with C#, I do understand that building REST APIs and writing SQL are two different skills.

If you just want to focus on the API development side of the course, I am happy to be your personal SQL Developer on the side by providing a few scripts you can just drop into Azure Data Studio to get things set up for you in the database, so that you can go through the entire .NET Core part of the course without missing a beat.

If you are new to software development, congratulations on starting your journey to become a developer! I look forward to seeing you inside!


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