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Basics of Equity Asset Class

Basics of Equity Asset Class


Basics of Equity Asset Class, Learn to buy your First Equity Share!

If you are someone looking to quickly get started in the stock market then this may be just the right course for you. This course is specifically designed for beginners so that they can find all the relevant information in one place. This mini-course on Equity is your starter guide in the world of investments. This course will teach you what is an Equity with the help of real-life case studies so you can understand better and invest smarter,

This Course on Equity will consist of

Lecture 1: An Introduction to the course

Lecture 2: What is an Equity?

Lecture 3: How do you earn from Equity Share

Lecture 4: Taxation of earnings from equity

Lecture 5: How does the stock market work?

Lecture 6: Understanding IPOs

Lecture 7: Risk associated with equity

Lecture 8: How to start investing in equity

Why should you take this course?

You should definitely take this course if you are someone who always wanted to invest in Equity but did not where to start from.

You should take this course if you have questions like:

1. How do I start trading in the stock market?

2. What is share or stock?

3. What is a stock exchange?

4. I want to start investing in Equity but I do not understand what is Equity?

5. What are the returns you can generate from Equity?

6. What is an IPO and how does it work?

A small one-hour course that will help you answer all your beginner-level questions about Investing in Equity. So go ahead, register for it, and get started now.