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Amazon Nonfiction Books: Introduction to Microsoft Word

Amazon Nonfiction Books: Introduction to Microsoft Word


Amazon Nonfiction Books: Introduction to Microsoft Word, Learn Microsoft Word essentials for nonfiction book writer’s including screen optimization, editing and configuration.


Welcome to my course, Amazon Nonfiction Books: Introduction to Microsoft Word.

In this course, I provide an introduction to writing nonfiction books using Microsoft Word.  The first quarter of the course deals with navigating Word and optimizing your screen real estate. The second quarter explains how to use Word to select text, edit text and configure text.  The third quarter discusses how to define and use nonfiction normal and numbered chapter header styles.  The final quarter explains how to configure your page for publication and use the downloadable nonfiction writing template supplied with the course.  This is the third course in an extensive course series on Amazon nonfiction books.

Learn to use Microsoft Word to write Amazon nonfiction books.

My name is Brian Jackson.  I’m the instructor of the course.  I’m also the writer of over one dozen books, publisher of well over 100 Amazon Kindle e-books and instructor with almost 40 Udemy courses to my name.

In this course, I discuss using Microsoft Word to write nonfiction books for publication on Amazon.  More specifically, I address the following topics in detail:

  • How to start Word, save files and navigate the screen.
  • How to optimize your Word writing screen real estate.
  • How to select, edit and configure text.
  • How to configure paragraph and chapter heading styles for both fiction and nonfiction books.
  • How to use the writing templates supplied in this course to format your manuscript.

Learn only what you need to know to use Microsoft Word to write books the easy way.

I am directing this course to writers new to Amazon self-publishing and old timers wanting to brush up on their skills.

Whichever is the case, I look forward to joining you on a journey through the lectures ahead.

I’ll see you in the classroom,



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