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3 Steps to Break Up With Your Procrastination

3 Steps to Break Up With Your Procrastination

3 Steps to Break Up With Your Procrastination, including how to Break Up with Your Phone in 30 days.

Course Description


  • No experience required
  • Paper & Pen are recommended to take notes


PROCRASTINATION is the action of unnecessarily and voluntarily delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be negative consequences for doing so.


You procrastinate because you are lazy and do not know how to effectively manage your time.


You procrastinate because you don’t have enough clarity, self-trust, accountability, and understanding of your personal inner motivation. Psychological resistance just pulls you back.

Most people have procrastination & effectiveness issues

Are any of these familiar to you?

  • Difficulty getting out of bed
  • Trouble sticking with plans
  • Jumping from one task to another
  • Never having enough time
  • Easily getting distracted and disturbed, difficulty to focus
  • Difficulty setting and achieving goals
  • You feel I lack clarity and understanding of what to do
  • Difficulty setting and achieving goals
  • Lacking self-discipline and confidence
  • No motivation to work towards your dreams
  • Leave projects unfinished
  • Fear of failure
  • You lack the confidence and courage to strive for more
  • You always have excuses for why things aren’t changing/done

This course teaches you how to rewire your brain for authenticity and success in simple 3 steps.

  • Build your self-discipline
  • Become authentic and energized
  • Make a habit to put yourself into a productive state of mind
  • Structure your day properly and stay motivated
  • Get rid of unnecessary and identify effective actions
  • Trade your struggles for experience
  • Use modern coaching & NLP techniques and remove mental resistance
  • Become consistent on your way to success

3 Steps creates a synergistic effect and builds neural pathways to success, happiness, and the evolution of the quality of your life.